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Welcome to the “Web of Wonders” training for facilitators designed for individuals with the desire to apply IFS-informed, (Internal Family Systems), nature-based therapy and/or experiential learning to working with groups.

Learn the Art of Facilitating


Experiental learning meets IFS meets nature-based practice

Learn the art of facilitating transformational experiences with intentional opportunities for parts discovery, relationship building (inside and out), and the emergence of Self-energy.

Cultivate an environment that inspires engaged participation and meaningful reflection for profound insight and the application of new possibilities. Lead and adopt experiential activities that serve as powerful metaphors, guiding exploration into internal and external aspects of communication, decision-making, boundary setting, problem-solving, overcoming limitations, celebrating success, and more.

Join us for a unique and impactful journey to expand your Self-leadership toolbox for yourself and others.


Within the trainings you’ll learn:

  • the fundamental principles of experiential learning, group dynamics, and multi-intelligence and multi-sensory methods

  • how to deliver and sequence experiences with the use of framing, metaphors, and powerful pause to enhance awareness and growth opportunities

  • how to create supportive environments with a participant-centered and collective approach to physical, environmental and emotional safety

  • an abundance of proven experiential exercises that really help participants:

    • to embody aspects of IFS, such as, unblending, befriending, understanding protective roles, Self-leadership, unburdening, and trusting resourceful qualities

    • how to collaborate with nature

    • how to inspire fun, connection & learning.

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Dr. Angela, Gordonsville, VA

“Michele is wise and intuitive. She has an ease about her, which makes it comfortable to be in her presence. She doesn't judge, so it feels safe to be honest with her. With her guidance of internal reflection, I've learned that my intellect cannot solve all our problems. Feel my feelings and being authentic with me, I have a better understanding of myself and easier access to solutions.”

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