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Embark on a transformative journey that fosters profound self-understanding, a sense of interconnectedness, and an undeniable trust within. Cultivate and strengthen relational bonds with all parts of yourself, nature, and others promoting greater self-compassion, confidence, inner balance and harmony.

Web of Wonders Retreats


My holistic Approach

— integrating experiential learning, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and nature-based therapies offers engaging activities and meaningful explorations with movement, sacred creativity and nature. Expand open-hearted curiosity, sensory-awareness, intuition, and new possibilities of being unapologetically you.  

Wonderous retreats are collaborative and empowering. You'll find opportunities for deep sharing, profound insights, and laughter that goes beyond the individual to shape a collective sense of growth and connection.

I recognize the innate potential and internal wisdom within every human. Each is capable and worthy of evolving and recovering, contributing and receiving in ways distinct to their unique selves, regardless of past experiences or limitations.

My personal journey of transformation empowers my capacity and capability to be an engaged listener, keeping it real, and fostering collaboration with others and nature.


I co-create unique experiences...

...that cultivate engaged participation and meaningful reflection, which inspire profound insight, learning, and the emergence of new possibilities—an art that I've honed through years of experience.

By integrating expert framing, strategic sequencing, and thoughtful reflection, I blend a creative, curious, and reliable approach to the process for:

  • meaningful exploration & reflection

  • heart-centered connections

  • deep understanding of oneself and relationship dynamics

  • personal, professional and community growth

  • taking healthy risk, breaking through barriers, and celebrating success

  • applying learning to life

  • creativity, recreation & fun!

Community Events

Welcome to our community events, where we prioritize the nurturing of social and emotional well-being for those desiring authentic connections with themselves, others, and the beauty and wonder of natural world. Our gatherings are a blend of personal, professional, and sometimes spiritual explorations, infused with mindfulness and intention.  

We engage in group discussions inspired by experiential activities, recreation, creativity, and joy, creating a space where growth, contribution, clarity, and authenticity thrive. Our aim is to cultivate meaningful connections within ourselves and with others, honoring every aspect of our being with care, compassion, and courage. Join us as we come together to learn, live, and laugh in a supportive and uplifting community environment.

IFS Community Connections are designed for IFS professionals eager to deepen their Self-leadership practice. Here, you'll find a space for social connection, peer support, and continuing education.

Harmony Hills Community Events are open to those who seek to deepen their understanding of themselves, build meaningful relationships, or simply enjoy the company of like-minded individuals in a supportive environment. Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery, craving genuine connections, or seeking solace in the beauty of community, you'll find a warm welcome at our events.  Learn more at Harmony Hills Hideaway

No events at the moment

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