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“Fostering spaces where genuine curiosity, exploration, self-discovery, and deep connections thrive.  Committed to facilitating holistic development and nurturing the possibilities for students to embody their wholeness.” — Michéle Quesenberry

My Journey & Intention


My story of Unfurling

My own growth emerged from a place of despair at a time when I viewed life as miserable and myself as unlovable. The young woman I saw in the mirror hated herself and felt completely unworthy of love or friendship. Something deep inside me knew that wasn’t true. Recognizing my own pain opened the door to change.  Thanks to a ropes course experience and the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay I dove deep into meditation and learning to love myself (1994).  I discovered a voice for my spiritual beliefs and a spark of hope for my feelings of worthlessness.  Slow and steady, I turned toward my inner world and gave it the caring attention it longed for.  A journey of self-compassion and soulful discovery began.

Over the next twelve years, I stumbled and fumbled through the labyrinth of transformation, until I serendipitously found Internal Family Systems (IFS) in 2008.  Once again, my world propelled into a realm of profound connection and wholeness.  

My inner critic, hellion-rebellion, and the one who over-extended herself for love returned to their natural states of advocacy, courage, and compassion. They became the wise inner council who support my authenticity and contribution to the world.  They were not the enemies I had tried so hard to get rid of.  I began to understand how hard they worked to protect me and let them get to know the real me… that core inner essence, what IFS calls Self-energy.  I stopped trying to manage these parts of me and instead turned towards my inner world with curious compassion and wonder.  The journey continues, an ongoing practice for emotional healing and balanced wellbeing.

My Approach

For over 20 years I’ve engaged groups and individuals in direct experience for personal and/or professional growth. I’ve done this through developing and leading various groups, trainings, workshops, retreats, one-on-one coaching, and community outreach programs. My approach is rooted in experiential learning and Self-compassion while integrating Internal Family Systems and nature-based therapies.

This combination has proven to offer transformative and deeply meaningful journeys.


Experiential & Authentic

Immersive and hands-on for a holistic and transformative experience. Web-of-Wonder retreats serve as a microcosm of real-world social and emotional dynamics. An opportune place for parts discovery, relationship building and Self-emergence. Learn through direct and purposeful activity and reflective pauses with meaningful growth and insights. Expand skills to be true to yourself with the response-ability to thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Explore internal and external aspects around communication, decision making, boundary setting, problem-solving, overcoming limitations and even celebrating success.


Let's cultivate collaborative connections that honor our unique journeys and celebrate our interconnectedness.

Nature-based & Integrative

In harmony with the natural world, our retreats offer a transformative journey where participants engage in mindful exploration, sensory immersion, and creative expression, guided by the therapeutic framework of Internal Family Systems. Through experiential activities immersed in nature's embrace, individuals cultivate a profound connection with both their inner landscapes and the external environment, recognizing the intricate interplay between the two realms. This holistic approach fosters a deep understanding and empathy for the diverse facets of one's being. At Web of Wonders, we create a space of unconditional acceptance, nurturing a profound sense of validation and belonging, reaffirming each participant's inherent worth and importance. Through this synergistic exchange, participants unearth profound insights, build resilience, and rediscover a profound sense of wholeness and alignment with themselves and the world around them.

Facilitator Highlights


1995 — Current Day

  • Short workshops to multi-day events

  • Groups of 4 to 250+ participants, including coordinating and directing multiple facilitators

  • Professional trainings, personal transformation, retreats, workshops, community building, team building, challenge courses, organizational development, board meetings, volunteerism etc

  • Clients are healthcare professionals, facilitators, first responders, corporations, non-profits, dignitaries, volunteers, employees, teachers, students, youth-at-risk, and people affected by trauma, addiction, incarceration, and disabilities.

Richard Schwartz IFS MIchele Quesenberry
Internal Family Systems (IFS)

2008 — Current Day

  • Certified IFS Practitioner (Level 3)

  • Facilitate and teach IFS in private practice with individuals and groups

  • Developed Nature-based IFS workshops and training for therapists and practitioners

  • Program Assistant to Dick Schwartz, Pam Krause, Chris Burris, Mary Kruger, Kathy Cox, & Jory Agate

  • Continuous learning with numerous personal and professional workshops, retreats, trainings and consult groups

Courageous Self-Compassion

2018 — Current Day

This women's group was created at the request of Judge Chandlee for the women in the Calvert County Adult Treatment Court program: Breaking the Cycle of Addition.  The initial 8-week trial (2018) was met with great resistance as participants are court ordered to attend.  This weekly women's group now continues at the request and free-will of the court program graduates.  The focus is based on relationship with oneself from a curious and compassionate place with self-acceptance and courageous response-ability.


2019 — Current Day

Co-founder, practitioner and facilitator to a community oriented, healing centered approach for women who struggle with homelessness, addiction, and/or developmental trauma.  Participants engage in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Neuro-feedback, 1-to-1 life skills coaching, and IFS groups as the foundation to increase mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

4 Hunger

2016 — 2019

Developed and implemented an IFS-experiential learning  program for men who were incarcerated, which expanded to large community building events. 

In collaboration with Farming 4 Hunger the program evolved with a multi-dimensional approach which utilized lived experience in the justice system as peer support to increase resiliency to adversity for youth and reduced recidivism rates for adult men.

Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher

2003 — 2015

Facilitated weekly and weekend Heal Your Life® workshops, and 5-day trainings to certify workshop leaders based on the transformational methods of Louise Hay; learning to love yourself, mind-body-emotions connection, endless well of love, inner child work, mirror work, releasing old emotions, forgiveness, and creating self-talk.  Authorized by Hay House, Inc. 

Training & Education

Professional Training

  • Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner (Level 3)

  • Certified Holistic Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach

  • Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher, Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher

  • Certified Challenge Course and Team-building Facilitator with advanced trainings

  • Certified Intentional Peer Support Trainer

  • Chakra Yoga • Trul Kohr Tibetan Yoga

  • Movements of Grace

  • Certified Healing Breathwork Practitioner

  • Mindful Self-compassion Teacher


Formal Education

  • MS Experiential Education, Focus in Nature-based Therapies, Minnesota State University

  • BA, Human Development breadth Recreational Therapy, Prescott College

  • Recreation, Leadership, and Programming, Catonsville Community College

  • AS in Music and Video Business AIFL

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